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Terms & Conditions 2017-2019

  1. Introduction: The following terms and conditions apply. The Fuchsian Gallery Company and all logos and artwork are copywritten and NO distribution is allowed without consent or necessary compensation. Any notice or misuse of The Fuchsian Gallery Company, The Nougat Twins, The Galaxy Buds, Alex Argonaut, M.O.T.A. (Middle of the Table Art), Paintings Worth Mentioning, The Prosperous Reflection, Habitual Concepts from Kevin James will be investigated and you can be subject to violating our terms and conditions and possible prosecution.

  2. Copyright notice: UCC copyright notice; ownership of rights in the website. 

  3. Licence to use the website: license to use website; no downloading; website use: permitted purposes; no modification of website content; limitations on the license to use the website (no redistributable content); restriction of access to the website.

  4. RSS feed: access to RSS feed; accessing RSS and acceptance of document; RSS license; RSS license condition; revocation of RSS license.

  5. Downloadable content: availability of downloadable content; NO redistribution of downloadable content.

  6. Acceptable use: acceptable use: for your own MP3 or e-reader use; using contact details prohibited; the veracity of information supplied.

  7. Registration and accounts: account eligibility; account registration process; no other person permitted to use the account; notify on the misuse of account; use of another's account.

  8. User login details: provision of login details; user ID rules and impersonation; password to be kept confidential; notify on disclosure of password; responsibility for password loss.

  9. Cancellation and suspension of account: you have the freedom of speech to a certain extent only relating topics discussed in the forum. Any misuse or suggestive language will result in a suspension from forum use; cancellation of free website account by the user.

  10. Testimonials: scope of testimonials provisions; testimonials not user content; testimonials license; sub-licensing of testimonials; the right to bring proceedings in respect of testimonials.

  11. Recruitment: job advertisements may not be posted on the website; job advertisements information may be updated; no obligation to consider job applications etc; please submit through email; retention of job application information by candidates.

  12. Your content: All information from Habitual Concepts from Kevin James is information shared from professionals of the same background and profession. To see license numbers, email Kevin James is NOT a therapist or physician. : definition of user content; license of user content; sub-licensing of user content; the right to bring proceedings in respect of user content; waiver of moral rights in user content; the user may edit own content; delete etc user content on the breach.

  13. Your content: NO downloading of any pictures from the website; no unlawful user content; user content rules. ANY USE OF LOGOS, PICTURES, WORDING FROM THIS WEBSITE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN A FINE AND/OR IMPRISONMENT.

  14. Report abuse of any kind:

  15. Limited warranties: no warranties for information; the right to discontinue website publication; no implied warranties or representations relating to the website.

  16. Limitations and exclusions of liability: caveats to limits of liability; interpretation of limits of liability; no liability for free information or services; no liability for force majeure; no liability for business losses; no liability for loss of data or software; no liability for consequential loss; no personal liability.

  17. Breaches of these 

    terms and conditions

    : consequences of the breach; non-circumvention of measures upon breach.

  18. Third party websites:,; third party websites: no control or liability. 

  19. Variation: a document may not be revised; variation of website document: unregistered users are free to browse as they are; variation of website document: registered users.

  20. Assignment: assignment by the first party; assignment by the second party.

  21. Severability: severability of the whole; severability of parts.

  22. Third party rights: third party rights: benefit; third party rights: the exercise of rights.

  23. Entire agreement: entire agreement - use of the website.

  24. Law and jurisdiction: CalOPPA applies to any person or company in the United States (and conceivably the world) whose website collects personally identifiable information from California consumers. CalOPPA requires the website to feature a conspicuous privacy policy stating exactly what information is collected and with whom it is shared; it also requires the operator of the website or online service to comply with the site’s privacy policy. Those who fail to do so are at risk of civil litigation under the state’s Unfair Competition Law.; Monterey County, CA.

  25. Statutory and regulatory disclosures: e-commerce regulations: trade register; ecommerce regulations: authorisation scheme; ecommerce regulations: professionals; ecommerce regulations: code of conduct; value added tax number.

  26. Our details: Kevin James; The Fuchsian Gallery Company; Monterey, CA 93940;

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