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DESCRIPTION: (Applicant's Abstract) The goal of the proposed research is to elucidate, at the molecular level, the role of a newly discovered Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent, membrane- associated phosphatase, calcineurin, in apoptotic events. Calcineurin was first identified as a low molecular weight phosphatase which was activated by Ca2+/calmodulin in an immunophilin-dependent manner. Calcineurin catalyzes the dephosphorylation of the nuclear transcription factor, NF-AT. This, in turn, regulates expression of the transcription of a host of genes that are critical to the regulation of immune response and apoptosis. Three specific aims are proposed: (1) to investigate the regulation and function of NF-AT by calcium and calmodulin in T lymphocytes and mast cells; (2) to investigate the mechanism by which calcineurin regulates apoptosis in T cells; and (3) to clone the human homologue of the calcineurin phosphatase from a human cDNA library. The first two aims are designed to clarify the role of calcineurin and NF-AT in T cell activation and apoptosis. The third aim is focused on the question of whether the calcineurin gene and protein are present in humans. A more complete understanding of the regulation and function of calcineurin and NF-AT in T cell activation and apoptosis is critical to our understanding of diseases such as cancer, inflammation, and AIDS. our way to the crucial match at our home ground in Southampton. The 2nd leg was shown on Fox in the UK while the overseas viewers were taken to the big game in Russia between Liverpool and Chelsea. The final whistle blew to send Liverpool to the final, where they will meet Ajax on the 13th of May at Old Trafford. The game will be shown on Sky Sports in the UK and ESPN in the USA. The result made for an interesting final at Old Trafford as Ajax took the lead in the first half and even had a go at the result. When Lyon scored the equaliser, it was game on, as Anfield had sent out a team that could do the damage. Liverpool never let up and the fans were given an ovation when the final whistle went. Now the final is here and we are back in the Premier League next season, it is hard to tell what will happen and what will be the future for Liverpool




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