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"Let's solve challenges faster together."

Sounds like an easy task right? Well, that's where our services come in handy. We have obligations in life that push goals and ambitions under the rug at times. We want to lift up the rug and be stunned by how much we actually let accumulate under it. 

"What is Habitual Concepts from Kevin James and how can this help me?"

The Prosperous Reflection
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Habitual Concepts from Kevin James is a collection of more than over 100 years of study of the human mind and how we can use one of the most powerful transmitters in the Universe, our brain, to DEMAND the satisfaction we wish to see in relationships, goal setting, attitude, financial situations, and using 100% of our true potential.

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Habitual Concepts can save you YEARS of frustration and hassle. Whether you keep one of my manuals handy or would like your very own personalized e-mail, text message, or phone call at your convenience, you'd better believe we're here for you. 

Ideas are what makes the world we live in today so remarkable. At Habitual Concepts, we love talking to YOU about your goals, ambitions, and dreams. You could have a brilliant plan laying around somewhere in your mind and we WILL find it together. 

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We want to see you succeed and live your life to the fullest potential. To start to see and feel different results in your life, you must try something new. This will be one of the BEST decisions that you will ever make to work with Habitual Concepts, a promise that is guaranteed.


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About Kevin James

Kevin James The Fuchsian Gallery Company

When it comes to doing things your way, Kevin has that down packed. Growing up in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kevin has always stayed true to what he loves to do, make stories with pictures. Today, Kevin James is the phenomenal author and illustrator of over 30 published books from THE FUCHSIAN GALLERY COMPANY in only two years time. Kevin has been an active creator since 2009, starting off his artistic career painting with oils and acrylic. In 2014, Kevin began concentrating on life and business strategy.

In 2015, Kevin became a four-time certified counselor through the Global Sciences Foundation. In December of 2015, Kevin released his first book, "The Prosperous Reflection" which became the start of a never-ending journey. To this day, Kevin continues to compare ancient texts/books with his own experiences in nature, the work of classic/modern teachers, and spreads the knowledge through illustration, literature, commentary, and creativity. 

Kevin is a counselor, author, illustrator, geologist, non-profit board member and volunteer, and health advisor in Monterey County, California who is constantly on a mission to improve the lives of individuals and families throughout North America. 

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