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THE FUCHSIAN GALLERY COMPANY isn't just changing the way we interact with art through paintings, designs, illustration, and graphics.


We're also involved with YOU and the world through events, aiding in research for renewable resources and sustainable energy, the restoration of endangered species worldwide and creating pathways possible for children to continue to express their creativity through adulthood.


KEVIN JAMES, the creator of THE FUCHSIAN GALLERY COMPANY, is also a certified life and business strategist, metaphysician in numerous areas, helping individuals achieve their goals and objectives worldwide. The Fuchsian Gallery Company is the artistic gateway for anyone looking to go beyond levels never thought possible.


See Fuchsian Nature below.


The Fuchsian Animals


As you learn more about the Fuchsian Animals, click on one to show your support! They are our logos that change outcomes. :D

The Fuchsian Gallery Company

The Gold Elephant

The Gold Elephant is the first logo designed in 2013 dedicated to the proper conservation of elephants. The Gold Elephant represents not only awareness of endangered animals, it represents and goes toward the restoration of natural herbs, vegetables, and fruits. We work with local causes and AWF

The Fuchsian Gallery Company

The Azure Rhino

Shortly after the development of The Gold Elephant, Kevin took a trip to a local zoo and saw the elusiveness of the rhinoceros and was in awe of the endangered species. It looked as if it wasn't real to see such a sought after and endangered animal up close.  We're making sure something is done to intensify efforts to keep humans from interfering in their redevelopment and to provide even more of a service to help conserve the rhinos at a greater magnitude. We work with will do our part with The Azure Rhino

The Sparkling Black Dolphin

The Sparkling Black Dolphin

The Great Wide Ocean. It's what covers over 70 percent of the Earth. When at the beach, it feels surreal to see such beauty go on for miles and miles. There's a caveat. With the ocean comes our contribution to the waste that is also being found inside of it. There's plastic being discovered in the stomachs of fish in the Pacific Ocean along with other manmade materials. This isn't all. One cigarette butt is filled with the 4,000 plus chemicals inside of the tobacco and is a form of plastic as well that is commonly found at beaches. Where The Sparkling Black Dolphin springs into action is that we will provide a monthly donation to Save Our Shores in order to provide more supplies and resources to beach cleanup activities and to protect the Marine Sanctuaries. 

"The Sparkling Black Dolphin Special Edition"

The Sparkling Black Dolphin

The Jolly Jade Horse

THE JOLLY JADE Horse from THE FUCHSIAN GALLERY COMPANY is the first logo that directly helps fund American small businesses and families. 50% of your purchase related to the Jolly Jade Horse is going to help others.  The yearly sum of 50 percent of profits related to the THE JOLLY JADE Horse will be distributed in grants to needing families and businesses affected by the lockdown.  Get a shirt, sticker, mug, pillow, or just a wonderful picture for your wall today or help spread the word! We have a G.I. Josie version of the Jolly Jade Horse that funds the nonprofit G.I. Josie every month.


The Starry 925 Western Bison "Buffy"

The American Buffalo, the Bison, whichever name suits you best for this prized animal, is one to truly be grateful for. With warm hides, delicious meat, and the companionship Americans of the past had with the bison, no wonder they always thanked God for it. Our company is building our own bison ranch but we need your help to do it the right way. All funds will go to cattle, land expansion, clean water through irrigation, workshops and classes on bison maintenance and farming, natural breeding, organic grass feed and immense care for our animals, organic fruit and vegetables that we will be able to give back to the community. Send a CASH APP @fuchsiangallery titled BUFFALO for a cool prize! Be sure to leave email.


The Stellar Sea Turtle

You know how we donate to causes such as Save Our Shores and other I'm sure great, charities? We can do the work on our own, and this is the logo to do so. With profits from The Stellar Sea Turtle, the James family will plant apple trees, do beach cleanups with announcements for others to join us, and finally, everything will be blogged. Sounds good? Get yourself a Stellar sticker, shirt, hat, mug or whatever else you can think of!

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