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Chameleon Kid
The Galaxy Buds

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  In today’s society, it’s best that we get the word out to do the best you can in life no matter where you are, who you are, or no matter

what mistakes have been made. The Galaxy Buds by Kevin James is a book series, designed to give the young readers positive, uplifting energy just by glancing through the pages and following along with the story. As books aren’t always as

effective as a digital image, I’ve found a way to spread the joy regardless. Today

I am introducing to you Chameleon Kid’s Tips. Chameleon Kid’s Tips will reach the

Instagram, Twitter, and children internet users by giving them a boost of helpful, positive information, when they least expect it. Below is the very first tip from Chameleon Kid. Share the information with your children, they will appreciate it!


The Galaxy Buds
The Galaxy Buds
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